Your dream job is out there.

Give yourself the tools you need for professional success, financial stability,
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Hello You!

You’re here because, to be blunt, your current job search strategy is killing your career.

In an attempt to salvage it, you’ve stuck around at a company you weren’t happy with, took any role you could get, are a job hopper, or for the first time in your life, are struggling to get recruiters to notice you and hiring managers to pick you. 

Here’s the thing though, your dream job is out there!

Hi! I’m Teegan.

And I’m here to give it to ya straight. As a certified career management coach and job search strategist, I make a living helping people like you, find your dream job.

Helping people’s career is my superpower.

Market research, resumes, networking, interview prep, and salary negotiations are my JAM! 

Helping you articulate your professional value is my OBSESSION.

I’m allergic to shallow buzzwords, boring career stories, fear-mongering, and anything unauthentic.

I’m all about you.

Your career, your goals.

Your quirks, your thoughts, your stories.

Your movement, your message.

Your personality.

Because when you can be authentic, you land your dream job!

Want to work with me? Right this way…

I can help you with

1:1 Coaching

Feeling lost in your career? Get back on track with 1:1 coaching. I’ll meet you where you’re at and empower you to get where you want to be.

Job Search Strategy

Stop spinning your wheels in ATS purgatory. Learn how to create an effective job search strategy for today’s market. HINT: it isn’t applying online.

Marketing Material

Have recruiters coming to you with an eye-catching LinkedIn profile and resume that powerfully showcases your value. Beat the ATS and clearly tell recruiters why they should bring you in for an interview. 

Online Courses

Jolt your job search with an all in one package. Get access to everything you’ll need throughout your job search.

Results you can expect


"After 28 years working for the same hospital, I was not expecting my layoff. I couldn't believe how much had changed and I was getting no where with my search. I completed Teegan's holist program and within the first week of completion I got a job offer and I never even had to apply! Plus my salary staid the same! "

Joyce L
Registered Nurse

"My main concern was, "am I going to get what I paid for?" And wow did I! I originally sought Teegan's services for an annual performance review. I got the largest departmental pay increase in my Fortune 100 company. Shortly afterwards, was recruited by a Fortune 50 company with a 40% increase in base salary and my first sign on bonus which was 15% more then the cost of her services. I highly recommend Teegan, even if you are in HR."

Leon V.
Sr. Executive Recruiter

"I knew my resume needed some serious work. It had been over 15 years since I last needed one. Teegan had a 24 hour turn around and I had 3 interviews within my industry the next week - during the pandemic."

Mike H.
Sr. Territory Sales Manager
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"Being an entrepreneur, I wasn't sure if a career coach was what I needed, but I found out Teegan works with start-ups all the time! She helped me leave the hospitality industry and open my own business with clients across the country.

Crystal W
Owner of Sugar Crystals

"I gained so much confidence in my ability to interview after working with Teegan. The tagline "I turn tears into smiles" got me over 7 competing job offers within 2 weeks and a 27% increase in base salary."

Haley H.
Dental Hygienist

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