Jolt Your Career in 3 Easy Steps

Jolt Your Career in 3 Easy Steps? If you rolled your eyes to that I don’t blame you! The job search process can be overwhelming, but simplify it by focusing on 3 steps:

1.    Create a Job Search Strategy

2.    Tap into the Hidden Job Market

3.    Optimize Professional Marketing Materials

A recent Bloomberg article titled, U.S. Recovery Still Fragile, reported that the U.S. economic recovery appears to be sustaining fragile momentum amid an improving jobs market. According to the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate has improved to 10.2% from April’s 14.7%.

{Insert second eye roll here}

That’s great for the 1.4 million Americans who returned to work, but doesn’t provide much comfort for the 16.3 million Americans who are still unemployed, or for those who recently received their WAREN letter, or for those who know 4th quarter layoffs are imminent. Those people probably feel more discouraged than ever.

If you are any of these things, keep reading:

You’ve probably never been taught how to conduct an effective job search. You’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting advice or opinions out there. You’re probably discouraged when people in your field are getting hired and you haven’t landed an interview.


1. Create a Job Search Strategy.

Stop spinning your wheels applying to 100 jobs a week. That’s never worked for you in the past and it won’t work for you now. Be STRATEGIC! Before launching your job search campaign, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Career Brainstorming: What type of work do you enjoy? What type of company culture do you prefer? What are your strengths? What industries do you prefer? Where are you open to working?

2. Tap into the Hidden Job Market

WTF is the Hidden Job Market? It’s the roles that are never posted. If you do a quick google search you will find a SHRM article that says roughly 24% of new hires are through employee referral programs and a Jobvite survey found that nearly 40% of hires came from employee referrals and moved through the application to hire process 55% faster!

✔ Create a Target Company List: Collect your thoughts from #1 and research companies you want to work for. Network with people you know from those companies. Connect with people you don’t know from those companies and get to know them. Find out about jobs before they are posted or create a job for yourself through networking.

3. Optimize Your Professional Marketing Materials

Before you kick off your job search, you need to differentiate yourself from the market. Most people get caught up in a rhythm of following processes and they lose sight of being an instrument of change and a vessel of value.

✔ Professional Branding: What is your unique value proposition? What will an employer’s ROI be? Does your LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, business cards, portfolio, website, and other materials highlight these things?

Save time and money, by conducting an effective job search with these 3 easy steps.

{Insert third eye roll here}

Okay, so maybe the work that goes into the 3 steps aren’t that easy, but they are effective. 

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