About Me

Hi I'm Teegan!
Your give it to ya straight career coach

I’m a career strategist, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to want a balanced life. 

I’ve worked in various career coaching and leadership development roles for Department of Labor agencies and was a recruiter, before launching my business. 

My sweet spot is empowering mid to senior-level professionals, but I have a special place in my heart for new grads. 

I’ve worked with 2,500+ clients throughout the past 10+ years and have recently launched my online courses to help even more people cut through the BS and land their dream job. 

Fun Fact 1

I started showing show dogs when I was 5 years old. I’ve owned some of the top Bouvier Des Flandres in the country and still love showing dogs to this day.

Fun Fact 2

I met my husband freshman year in college. 8ish years later he hired me to rewrite his resume and LinkedIn profile. Within a week he was recruited to a Fortune 100 company with a 40% base salary increase and his first sign-on bonus. We eventually got married and had a son. 

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